We LOVE LOVE all our customers and appreciate your support and loyalty! We know you have so many options when it  comes to shopping and can't thank you enough for choosing us! We want you to continue choosing us as we grow and learn how to make your experience here the best we can! So... enter our VIP group!  Learn more abut why being a Posey VIP is where it's at! 

Why you want to become a Posey VIP! 

- Get 30% off on ALL your orders! I mean thats enough right there! Most VIP members will save more money on one order then their membership costs! And the perks dont’ stop! 

- First access to all new arrivals and sales! 

- Special VIP Facebook access where we will have special giveaways, deals,  VIP only products, and more! 

- Automatic membership to our affiliate program. (only VIP members can be a part of it) Now that you have a killer discount on Posey clothing, share your loot with friends to make some extra cash, its totally up to you! We will reach out to you after sign up with all the info you need! 

- Free delivery for local areas. Email us to see if your area qualifies! 

- Local pickup option (Utah)

-Quicker shipping times. Same day/next day shipping

- 1 Free gift a month with monthly purchase (and were are talking GOOD gifts)

- Cancel at any time. 

- Only 19.99 a month (Seriously pays for itself with the discounts!)


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