Want to work with us?

At Posey and Pence we have a great team of people working for us and we would love for you to join! We have listed some information for you to check out on our employment program below! 

 What does working for Posey and Pence mean for me? 

Posey and Pence has a custom promotion affiliate program for those who are interested in working from the comfort of their own home to earn some extra cash! 

Basically you get to create your own instagram/facebook/promoting platform of choice and promote Posey and Pence items to your followers. 

You can use the photos from our website and we will give you a unique coupon code for you to give your followers so they get a discount on every item they purchase through you! We will also give you photos to use on our Posey's Peeps pages. 

So you create a instagram page ( or whatever promoting channel you choose ) get followers and start posting items from our store that you like! Then everyone who purchases items using your 10% off code you will get a 20% cash payout on their checkout total! 

Here is a instagram example of how it would look for someone working on our affiliate promotion team! 





Pretty Simple! 

Below we have a affiliate link that you can click on to see more information on how it works and sign up! 

Please contact us with any questions you may have! 




Steps to working with Posey and Pence

1. Go to www.poseyandpence.com
and click on the Work wth Us tab

2. Read through the basic information on the link.
This will explain what our customized affiliate program is.

3. From there click on the affinity link at the bottom

4.When at the next page please ready through the right hand side bar information.
It has important information about working with us.
It also has a FAQ at the bottom answering all frequently asked questions.
Please read through all of this before emailing us to ask any questions.

5.Then click on terms and agreements and read through that. Our payment plan and other information is on there that you need to read through and agree to the terms if you decide to sign up.


You will put in your email, name, create a password, and then choose the name of the 10% off discount you will be giving your followers.
Then you will need to let us know what social media channels you plan on promoting on. And the name of them.
So if your creating a new page you will need to decide on a name and put it there.
Under company name you will put your selling channel name again, Example “ Ashleys Posey Page “
Then you will need to fill out the rest of the form and accept the terms of use and privacy.

After this is completed you will need to wait while we approve your account.
This is usually around 24 hours.
After we approve your account you will get a welcome email.
This email will allow you to log into your backend and also has important information on selling rules and ideas.

You will be able to log into your backend but your code is not yet active.
You will receive a w9 form and agreement document along with your welcome email that you will need to fill out and submit back to us.
We will review these documents within 24-48 hours.


You also will need to pay your entry fee unless it has been waived at this time. 
After we have accepted them we will send you a email that has your confirmed coupon code for your followers and your 20% off code for you.
After you receive that email your ready to go.


On your backend you will need to set up your paypal account so we can pay you. 
You also need to read through the FAQ section. Some questions your may have already read but there are new ones on there as well.
Please do not email us with nay questions until you have read through this and all the information above.
Then with any remaining questions you can message us and we would be happy to help you!


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